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    We help organizations provide learning experiences that are engaging, effective and relevant

  • Manifesto

    The way we learn today is no longer efficient. It does not equip people with the relevant skills and capabilities for the rapidly changing and uncertain world that we face. It doesn’t empower people in leading fulfilling lives.


    We need to use more active and personalized learning methods that engage learners. Educators’ and learners’ roles need to evolve. Learners need to be empowered and take responsibility of their own learning to become lifelong learners, able to learn, unlearn and relearn throughout their lives. Educators and trainers need to evolve from transmitters of information to becoming facilitators or activators of learning. Their role is, and will continue to be, crucial.


    All this change requires a shift in mindset within all organizations involved in learning - companies and education institutions alike - and incorporating innovations that enable this new paradigm of learning. We want to support and enable organizations and educators & trainers to make this change. So that we move towards a culture of learning that is a lifelong journey that aims to offers people a life of fulfilment and opportunity to achieve their full capacity.

  • Our services

    We use our deep knowledge in pedagogy and learning innovations, broad network, rigorous approach and organizational understanding to inspire, advise and accompany organizations in providing engaging, effective and active learning experiences that improve learning outcomes, grow their learning capacity and help them become learning organizations.


    . Innovation days: We inspire change, by running workshops or bringing you top-notch speakers in pedagogy, neuroscience, learning experience design, emerging learning technologies, from 1 to 3-days


    . Learning expeditions: We take you to the world’s most innovative education ecosystems and connecting you to startups, thought leaders, experts, schools, & universities, from 1-day to 3-days


    . Learning organisation assessment: We use our proprietary methodology to diagnose where you stand as a learning organization, develop a roadmap with concrete actions, tools and trainings and accompany you in getting there


    . Research & benchmarking: We bring a depth and variety of research experience on learning & the global L&D market to provide you with actionable knowledge & data


    . Customised consulting: We help you address specific challenges you face as an education institution or in your organization's learning and development


    . Train the trainers and teachers: We train and support your teachers / trainers in innovative pedagogical methods, which are grounded on the latest neuroscience of learning and pedagogical approaches


    . Learning organization transformation: We assist you during the implementation of the changes to your organization's learning and development approach

  • Clients we work with

    We work with a range of organizations - higher education institutions, school groups & large companies

  • Why us?

    We combine deep knowledge of innovations and best practices in learning with a broad network and rigorous methodology to deliver concrete improvements in the learning experiences in your organization and in your organization's learning capacity



    Deep knowledge of international innovations in edtech & pedagogy and sourcing best practices in innovations in education

    => Get access to the latest innovations and developments in learning and pedagogy that will inspire change and that you can implement in your organization



    Broad network of all the key ecosystem players - education & learning experts, edtech startups & companies, investors, universities, schools, public players  

    => Connect directly with startups or experts that can help you address your learning and development challenges



    Holistic approach and experience in advising and accompanying organizations on complex challenges and transformation

    => Address your organizations' specific learning challenges with a customized approach that leads to sustained change

  • Our network of startups

    We support Edtech startups since the beginning and believe in their power to facilitate change.

    If you think your solution can help our clients in their learning transformation, apply to be part of our network here.

    We are especially interested in startups working in higher education and corporate training .

    Language Learning for Corporate Training

    P2P Learning for Corporate Training

    Social Network for Higher Ed

    Language Learning for Higher Edu

    21st century skills for Corporate Training

    Feed-back app for teachers & trainers

    Audio learning tool for corporate training

    Leading social learning platform

  • Team

    We have the knowledge, the network and the experience to support your organization

    Svenia Busson

    Managing Director

    Explorer of innovative pedagogical practices worldwide

    Initiator of Edtech France, European Edtech Alliance, Edtech Tours


    Author of book ‘Exploring the Future of Education


    HEC Paris, Freie Universität Berlin

    Connect on LinkedIn

    Kivanc Cubukcu

    Managing Director

    10+ years experience leading and managing a wide range of projects and teams working as;

    • Manager at McKinsey & Company
    • Principal at Kois Invest
    • Transformation manager at The Global Fund

    INSEAD, Yale University, Bogazici University

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